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Why Choose Plantation Shutters As Your Window Dressing?


Some Reasons to Choose Platation Shutters

Shutter Offer Superb Light Control

With the infinitely adjustable louvres and blackout options you can go from total darkness to full light in a moment and with a flick of the wrist with Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters Reduce Heat Loss

Offering the barrier of a fairly still air pocket Plantation Shutters greatly decrease the rate of heat loss (or gain if closed against the sun) Saving costly energy.

Shutters Will Preserve Your Soft Furnishings

Sun bleaches almost everything it strikes, especially soft furnishings, wooden floors, carpets and curtains. Now that’s mitigated with the adjustable louvres in Shutters reducing sun strike to zero without impeding your view

Maximise Space With Window Shutters

A room with shutters suddenly expands, most clients report a huge new added seeming of spaciousness with this form of window dressings - might be the light or the disappeared curtains

External Noise Reduced With Shutters

Most clients report that this layer of still air and wood insulates from noise and exterior hum

Shutters Bring Privacy With Flexibility

Privacy can be a huge issue if you do not have it. Shutters bring flexible levels

Low / No Maintenance Shutters Offer Long Life

There’s little to do to maintain the beauty of Plantation Shutters simply keep dust free, simplicity itself. Our installations have been trouble free for a decade and we can see no reason why that should change in the future

Shutter Have Kerbside Wow Factor

Shutters bring an extra dimension for those seeing your home from the outside, Real Kerb Appeal that’s just not possible with any other form of window dressing.