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Excellence is a compromise: so seek perfection

We Install Shutters At Weekends

We well understand that us installing your shutters may take time out of your busy work schedule, so we can arrange to install your shutters at weekend, no need to take time off work or to be there when we make the installation as long as we can have access.

    Weekend or not whenever we install plantation shutters we do it with ultimate care and great attention to detail. We are experienced in working in other's homes so we treat them with utmost respect, for instance we always but always wear carpet slippers. And when we depart we just leave the shutters and their wow factor behind for you to enjoy in your own time and space starting just as soon as we close the door.

A few headlines on our procedures

    •    We take our time - we take as long as it takes, never a rush.

    •    We Use The Very Best tools.

    •    We Are Very Skilled in their use

    •    We have great shutter experience to draw on.

    •    We Clean the Windows Prior To Installation.

    •    We are fastidious and overuse our vacuum cleaner.

    •    we inspect every detail of the Shutter Installation in sequence

    •    We Separate Cardboard & Other packaging materials.

    •    We take the packaging with us.

    •    We recycle packaging at Proper receiving sites.


Shutter Perfection is a long and well established plantation shutter supply and fitting business, it's all we do, no blinds, no awnings - just shutters. By doing so we offer a totally focussed and complete service for discerning clients.

Our surveys are free and totally without obligation

We use precision measuring equipment to ensure the best possible fit attaining better results when we install.

We always try to arrange an installation at a time and date to suit the client so too for the survey. That means that in pursuit of customer satisfaction and for their flexibility we also work weekend and evenings.

Shutter Perfection install what are considered by many to be the ultimate in bespoke plantation shutters and source from the very same factory as those marketed by The John Lewis Partnership's shops. But with us you deal face to face with a job manager who will be there at the installation.

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