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The Panel: some what like a door, this has several major components 


    •    The Sides known as Stiles, these come in three widths 41 51 & 57mm,

    •    The horizontal parts of the panel are called rails and they vary in width to accommodate the maximum number of louvres within the height

    •    Louvres are the moveable elements and they are available in several widths

    •    The tilt or angle of the louvres are controlled with a tilting mechanism, the Tilt Rod this could be a traditional "stick" positioned in the centre or a hidden type

    •    On tall units, above 1800mm, a 76 mm wide "mid rail" has to be included. This is done to increase rigidity of the unit, however, the position within the shutter panel can be almost anywhere.

    •    The Frame: this is the item that fixes to the wall and or window and the panels are hung from this via hinges or by virtue of trucks in a tracked system

    •    There are various materials, woods and plastics that go up to make the shutters, they can be painted, covered in a high tech finish or made from solid plastics for waterproof application. Some, those made from solid wood can be stained


The louvres on Plantation Shutter Frames are coupled together so they act in unison when opening or closing.

To achieve synchronising effect a rod joins them. This takes the form of "Traditional" or a stick hinged from each louvre, this can be positioned centrally or to one side, alternatively a "secret" or hidden device which is built into the side (stile) of the shutter panel We will show you these on our Free No Obligation Design Consultation which you can arrange by clicking here

Hidden Tilt Rods

The hidden tilt rod option shows no tilt rods to the user. The mechanism is hidden within the panel stile (side), providing the ultimate in clean clutter free minimal contemporary styling

Split Tilt Rods

To enhance functionality and increase privacy options it is possible to "split" the tilt rod at a predetermined point. In a bed room for instance you may want the lower half fully closed for absolute privacy but an upper portion open look through.

If there is a mid rail then the parts are split by default, but without a mid rail a split may be specified at any point. A split is available with traditional or hidden tilt types.


The "working” part of the shutter. They are in the main elliptical shaped but some shutters can have optional flat profile louvres but these are very uncommon and restricted in choice and only available in certain materials Smaller louvres in plantation shutters give greater privacy, larger offer higher levels of light transmittance. If you can it's best to keep the louvre size in scale with the window and avoid an over busy look.

In order of popularity 76, 89, 64, 48, 110mm.

It is possible to have the shutter louvres fixed in the frame so as they do not tilt, typical uses of this would be doors in bathrooms, wardrobe or larder doors in utility rooms


The elements are sides, top / bottom rails & louvres

The side elements of the panel or stiles are not simple pieces of wood, to maximise integrity they are made from an engineered laminated construction. This is done to eliminate natural warpage and to produce a stiffer more uniform load bearing part of the assembly. The style can be butt - square edged, rabbet - stepped or have an astragal - strip attached. Most applications with bifolding sets use a rabbet style stile and most, where two come together have the astragal or strip to make a light block, the default for this is on the right hand shutter but we can fit it to the LHS at build time without a problem.


Plantation Shutter Frames are made in several depths and styles to suit the shutter installation requirements. They can go inside or on the edge of the window reveal. They Can be 2, 3 or 4 sides 

For Bay or Bow Windows we make turning posts to either standard or bespoke angles. We can also incorporate blackout blinds. For very large shutter installations it is best to use a tracking system, these can be bifold for say large doors or room dividers or bypass style for say bathroom or wardrobe doors

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