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The Choice Of Plantation Shutter Styles

There are several basic shutter styles, designed to accommodate almost every situation that would really work with shutters.

Here’s our offerings of shutter styles with shots of our own installations.

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Full Height Shutters

Full Height Shutters

Most installations are well suited to this shutter format, they have wide appeal and along with all the other shutters in our offerings have superb aesthetics, enhancing ambiance in any room.
Full height louvred shutters are classically simple and by virtue of this suit the widest range of windows found in both very modern and traditional homes. Full height plantation shutters are optimised by the fact that the shutter panel itself is one piece, running as it does from top to bottom of the window or door. Door applications for plantation shutter have been supplied in the past with solid bases - that is the louvres are only seen in the upper portion and in this instance the louvres can as an option be fixed with an attitude of up or downward facing deleting the tilt rods completely making for a clean look

Tier On Tier Shutters

Tier On Tier Shutters

These have horizontally split panels, that is one arranged so as to be sitting directly above the other, they may or may not have a horizontal post between these "flights" The flights are independent of each other.
The top and the bottom of each level can be opened individually. This form can also be had on bay windows and bifolding too as seen in our gallery below. Tier on Tier shutters do  block more light than full height as there is a central set of two rails being about six inch (150mm) or more wide band.
This pattern is best fitted to the reveal edge to allow folding back to the wall to keep open shutters out of the way - inside reveal fitting can mean the shutter protrudes into the room at 90°

Cafe Style Shutters

Cafe Style Shutters

Cafe Style shutters only cover the lower portion of the window, usually they have no frame across the top part, though some people do ask for that or with some installation difficulties a 4 sided frame is mandated - those are known as pygmy shutters.
Normally the shutter frame is a little like an upside down goal post. Some two sided frames are used when the window sill is used as the lower support for the cafe shutter
Cafe Shutters are mostly found in a simple rectangular format but can be made to suit bay or bow windows. Cafe Shutters vary in height, from covering 30% of the window height up to 80% On tall windows it is possible to split the tilt rods into two giving a faux tier on tier look for variable levels of privacy.

Bifolding Shutters

Bifolding Shutters

Bi folding shutters have a series of hinges to allow them to fold into a V or a Z, these are used when a deep reveal is evident and a folded out of the way look is sought. For Z folds only wooden shutters can be used as other materials are too heavy. Bifold can be used too in conjunction with Tier on Tier build and this is typical for sash windows when there is enough wall at the side to allow folding back to the wall and the practice is the top tier is opened during the day - the lower half providing privacy

Shutters With Blackouts

Shutters With Blackouts

Are only available for shutters that are not shaped (or waterproof) and we have installed all forms of bay windows, 90° 135°, those with special angle posts and bow (or multi faceted) windows and they work very well indeed. One client describes them as “stumbling about the bedroom dark:
The black out blind of concertina style is silvered inside thus light proof and as a bonus has a significant insulating effect and can be had in several colours.

The cordage is of the safety type thus not endangering young children with strangulation..

Tracked Shutters For Big Width

Tracked Shutters

There’s a limit to how many shutters it’s rational to hang off hinges. 4 is an absolute maximum, 3 rational one, bifold never present a problem. The issues arise with hinges - well more the slackness found in the hinges - this promotes ever increasing droop as the assembly gets longer. The solution is to suspend the shutters from a header system via ball bearing truck units that run in a groove. The base is held true by s spring loaded pins running in a shallow track. There is one caveat to tracked systems they have to have an even number of panels to work properly. The split does not have to be centrally located

Shutters In Bay Windows

Shutters In Bay Windows

Bays are a boon in any room, making for more space and light so to maximise their utility and beautify a the same time dress them with shutters. Matters not if they’re square 90°, Traditional 135° or some bespoke angles, twin sided or single one kick or two - we can make your window “look the business” with Plantation Shutters.

Shutters In Bow Windows

Shutters In Bow Windows

Bow or multi faceted Bays are possibly the most difficult to produce acceptable traditional  dressing results. Until Plantation Shutters they enhance the shape of the window and to solve the problem of how you make the best of these gorgeous windows with practicality and affordability. They make all the room useable all the tim giving an expansive feel. You no longer need those cumbersome and costly bent pole assemblies and shutters control the light with precision and stop soft furnishing  fade.

Shaped Shutters With Curves

Shaped Shutters
With Curves

Plantation Shutters can be manufactured in all manner of shapes, shapes can run from a full circle, to long lazy curves., those with curved as opposed to straight edges as in a triangle for instance. Curved edges can only be made in wood unless you need waterproof, then it’s limited to certain forms as a standard shape. Non standard shapes can be manufactured after a template is made from which the profile can be manufactured.
We normally template these to make sure we get a perfect fit unless the shape is a definitive one such as a semi circle.

Shaped Straight Edge Shutters

Shaped Straight Edge Shaped Shutters

You can have straight edged shapes in any nmaterial you do not have to specify the more expensive woods unless you need a special colour

Specially Made Plantation Shutters

Special Shutters (no gallery)

Sometimes we have to find a non standard item, very wide, or with special formatting.  As we are not a franchise we have contacts with several manufacturing concerns, if it can be made, we will get it made.

Plantation Shutter Colours

Shutter Colours 

You can have shutters in any colour, you can have shutters from standard swatches such as Dulux or F&B, you can make a choice from the standard colours from the default of the type from your shutter choice.