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Plantation Shutters: Choices 
The Styles, The Room Choices, The Materials


Planation Shutters: All The Styles

Café? Full Height? Tier on Tier & Other Shutter Styles

There are several basic shutter styles, designed to accommodate almost every situation that would benefit from plantation shutters.
Very tall windows need a different approach than a wide doorway, sash windows work better with one style rather than another. On our visit we will endeavour to guide you through these decisions. Meanwhile follow the links below for style information and their picture galleries

Style InfoShutter Style Gallery

Rooms With Installed Shutters

Almost Any Room Benefits From Plantation Shutters

Almost every room in your home will work well with shutters, kitchens - easy clean & hygienic, bedrooms - can be even darker with incorporated blackouts. Living space enhanced and enlarged with shutters which offer finger tip light control and added ambiance. Bathrooms & wet-rooms will have enhanced privacy without darkening the room. Large shutter sets can be added to conservatories, used as room dividers or set into doorways. Shutters are a versatile window dressing that’s rugged, durable, easy clean, hygienic colourful or no, wood stains or white, the options and permutations are almost endless and choices vast.

Room GalleryShutters In Rooms

Plantation Shutter Materials & Colours

Get the right product for the installation

Shutters are made from low tech simple woods to high tech hybrid materials, each has a niche and fulfil specific demands all are designed to bring long life, durability and that certain chic plantation shutter look. Discover the how’s and what’s of plantation shutters here by following the links below for material, colours and a brief overview of their technicalities

Material InfoShutter Technicalities