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Excellence is a compromise: so seek perfection



Plantation Shutters can be manufactured in all manner of shapes, these to suit your windows and doors and we ensure they fit with with precision which we will template or use digital measuring when we conduct our free survey.

Shutter frames can have curved or straight edges and the panels are crafted to match and follow the outline as much as is technically possible. The shutter shapes can run from a full circle, via triangles and rectangles and on into multi faceted shapes with either straight lines or curves or a mixture of both.

The shaped shutters can have one, two or more individual panels that bifold if required, they can be fan light shutters with horizontal louvres, eyebrow shutters and sunburst with all the louvres radiating from the centre, these are examples of some of these hand crafted plantation blinds. One thing that cannot be utilised in shaped windows are tracked as all the louvered panels in those are all strictly rectangular

Shaped windows are often a feature of a room but too often they are hidden behind drapes masking the outline and the window, shutters really make a statement Shaped shutters can be made from all woods, however there are certain limitations

Almost all shaped windows can be beautifully dressed with Plantation Shutters. They make a perfect presentation of the window as they follow the shape exactly and they do not mask part or all of it at any time


There are a some restrictions brought on by material choices, Seattle, Georgia and Hollywood Shutters can only be manufactured in shapes with straight edges to their frames. This is because the frames are engineered from MDF

Shaped Shutters can be

    •    Triangulated Shutters

    •    Equilateral

    •    Right Angled

    •    Isosceles

    •    Parallelogram Shutters

    •    Trapezoid Shutters

    •    Tapered top Shutters

    •    Circular Shutters

    •    Arched Shutters

    •    Sunburst Shutters

    •    Half Round Shutters

    •    Oval Shutters

    •    Octagonal Shutters

    •    Radiating Circular Shutters

    •    Double Half Round Shutters

    •    For French Doors

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