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Seattle Shutters: An overview 

Seattle is our best selling product as it is worldwide: This is an ideal entry-level product offering the hight of value of money. It is an engineered wood and it offers the least expensive pleasure and joy of shutters. Manufactured with a dense core of MDF having a durable and smooth very robust UV stabilised polypropylene finish applied. This is highly durable and is resistant to chipping, cracking, fading and warping. All but the most complex shapes can be had and most windows can be fitted with plantation shutters made from Seattle. Colour options is limited to 5 whites. Silk White is the favourite colour while louvre choices are 47mm, 64mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm, 76 being the most popular currently. Shapes shutters can be made but are limited to frames with no curves.

Advantages: Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF)

Sources: MDF is a synthetic wood made from wood fibres bonded together with thermoset adhesives while subjected to heat and pressure.

There are a number of reasons why MDF should be used instead of plywood or other materials. It is dense, flat, stiff (ideal for louvres), has no knots and is can easily be machined to high levels of accuracy. Because it is made up of fine particles it does not have an easily recognisable surface grain so can be painted to produce a very smooth high quality surface, it can be cut, drilled, machined and filed without damaging the surface.

It is low cost, and when coated has high durability.


  • Max 2 Panels hinged together
  • No Special Colours
  • No shapes with curves
  • No solid panels
  • No remote control

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