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Most Rooms Benefit From A Plantation Shutter Installation

large shutter in colourful lounge

Shutters In Living Areas

Other than the kitchen you spend more waking hours here than almost any other place in the home, in winter it’s best when cosy, summer best when light and cool.  And it needs to look good, have real appeal, Plantation Shutters supply all that and in addition are easy to clean being ultra low maintenance. If you have a certain colour scheme in mind shutters will handle that too.
Privacy when needed, dim light when required for the TV viewing.  Shutters cover all the bases including making the room feel appreciably larger.

Living Gallery
teo Shutters in a bedroom

Shutters In Bedrooms

Tranquillity and practical Shutters will go a long way to ensuring you get a good night’s rest.
Your bedroom is your mechanism of total refreshment. Plantation Shutters bring the ultimate in window covering for the major requirement of privacy, light and temperature control. Adjust the louvres of your shutters to the privacy levels you require, they will add an additional insulating layer to your windows, cooling the room in summer keeping it warmer in winter and to some degree helping reduce outside noise. Like it DARK, working shifts, sensitive sleeper? Good news our plantation shutters can be fitted with an optional integrated room darkening blind to minimise light ingress.

Bedroom Gallery
Shaped Shutter In luxury bathroom

Shutters in Bathrooms

Privacy, elegance and total practicality in bathroom window dressing can be had with Plantation Shutters. You can control privacy levels and light to with the adjustable louvres, stay bright stay invisible at one and the same time. With split louvre tilting mechanism you have privacy at the chosen height, while letting in the full amount of light from those louvres left open. The privacy options and flexibility that come with Plantation Shutter being installed in Bathrooms is a real boon, it’s even a reality to have clear glass rather than the obscured type. The louvres can be moved to fully closed in a moment or if a “split” is built into the array a portion can be left open and another portion fully closed. You can see out - light is not cut out and the lower part is totally closed - a different deal than you get with roller blinds.

Bathroom Gallery
Wide Doorway with shutters

Shutters In Doorways

We would never suggest Plantation Shutters make ideal doors for those in constant use, but for occasional use doors such as patios and French style doors they are ideal. They dress the doorway perfectly and and will enhance any room or entrance. For larger doors you could use a tracked system. Tracked shutters are durable ways to cover large expanses, they must be fitted in even numbered pairs of panels and can be bifolding or by pass style

Doorway Gallery
Conservatory with shutters

Large Arrays & Conservatories

Conservatories are both a blessing and a curse. Summer too hot with all that solar gain, vertical blinds don't help much and obstruct the view you may have paid a whole lot of money to see. Shutters will dramatically cut the heat gain from the vertical windows.

Large Shutter Gallery
Kitchen with stained wooden Shutters

Shutters In Kitchens

Modern Kitchens Deserve Modern Window Dressing
Every home has one of these at its centre: The Kitchen.
Some are country style some minimal some homely. The charm of this room can be enhanced with plantation shutters, unlike blinds these are easy clean and hygienic. they control light, in summer open the windows - no flapping blinds, in winter shut the louvres in a jiffy to make it cosy

Kitchen Gallery
Shutters In very large very tall bay window

Shutters In Bays

Bays like Bow windows are a boon in any room, making for more space and light so maximise their utility and beautify a the same time by dressing the window with shutters. Matters not if they’re square 90°, Traditional 135° or some bespoke angles, twin sided or single one kick or two - we can make your window “look the business” with Plantation Shutters.

A one piece frame is the ideal and to date we have not failed to make one for bays without big intervening mullions.

•You no longer need those cumbersome and costly bent pole assemblies.
•They control the light with precision and stop soft furnishing sun fade.
•They are great looking from inside or out, make yourself proud of the property, great kerb appeal.

Bay Gallery
Shaped Shutter In bathroom

Shaped Shutters

Shaped Shutters look stunning. Almost any shape can be had, some materials can only be had with straight edges such as triangles. Curves are no problem even circular form being possible.
Shutters in shaped windows really show off the appeal of such windows, and add a really stunning dimension to any room.

Shaped Gallery