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Excellence is a compromise: so seek perfection


Plantation Shutters are priced by the square meter, as you will see the prices below the RRP is much higher than our normal selling prices. How much might you pay? Check out our estimator here for a budget price or book a no obligation survey here



The Shutter Perfection Price seen Below Are Inclusive Of Delivery, Installation & VAT. 


Seattle Shutters

Come in five popular whites. can be had in shapes with straight edges RRP is currently £271 per sq m 

Typical Shutter Perfection Price from £230 


Lightning Shutters

Rectangular shutters only , available in five popular whites. RRP is currently £466 per sq m and are delivered in around 21 days ready to install.

Typical Shutter Perfection Price from £380 


Georgia shutters

Features 29 colours including many F&B similar currently RRP is £325

Typical Shutter Perfection Price from £260 


Boston shutters

Are built for wide spans in white RRP is currently £361

Typical Shutter Perfection Price from £297 


Boston Premium

This is a 100% hardwood, painted only RRP £397

Typical Shutter Perfection Price from £349 



An all hardwood shutters with great finish for stains & paints RRP £397

Typical Shutter Perfection Price from £349 



An FSC eco timber available with colours, stains straight edges and curved shapes RRP £434

Typical Shutter Perfection Price from £361



this is a solid plastic waterproof shutter for ultra arduous conditions including wet rooms swimming pools and other humid locations RRP £397

Typical Shutter Perfection Price from £330 


Pricing Extras 

There are additional modest charges for Shutters with

  • Hidden Tilt Rods, traditional is standard
  • Shaped windows that need the Shutters to be shaped to curves cost more than straight edged frames and call for more expensive materials and are more costly.
  • Tracked Systems for very large openings usually above 2.5 m wide are pretty much a must to get the best life from shutters and are more costly
  • Sometimes bifold panels are more expensive and if they have if more than 2 panels on a hinge it will mean a shift to more expensive shutter materials as they are lighter and better suited to this style
  • Special colours have one cost per "job" not per shutter. This can be either swatch from say Dulux or F&B or as a match to your sample.


There are also subtle price adjustments for plantation shutters pricing: ease of installation, size of order (we have no minimum order) repeat business, referrals and a host of other factors can subtly influence the price.


Get your free no obligation consultation survey booked today. Can't do any harm can it.


Buying Plantation Shutters can damage your bank balance, you need to make all the right value / benefit choices

When viewing plantation shutters you would be forgiven that they all look much the same, however, there are more than several factors in specifying the details from the right Style the most suitable Louvre Size and choice of suitable frame. Then there are decisions on materials - which is the best for the job, that's without considering colours, tit rods frame style and a host of other issues T

You are in luck, Shutter Perfection offer detailed advice and with their not inconsiderable experience and considered insight into what's the best route and choices for you to make to make. So before you buy consider some of these points

All Our Plantation Shutter installations have great value built in and Here's why we say that

  • We have Good Prices
  • We offer Great Value
  • Or Shutters Are affordable
  • We Put The Most Cost effective Plan Forward

Shutter Perfection only give Honest advice and that may well include "I don't think that will work" we would rather be brutally forthright rather than disappoint in the end.


Our FREE No Obligation Free Plantation Shutter Surveys ( we do those in the evenings and weekends too) Some Stores charge for this

  • No minimum order charge
  • An ethical selling policy
  • Our's is a No Obligation Proposal
  • Shutter Perfection have flexible discounting systems
  • Prices include VAT,
  • Prices Include Delivery
  • Prices Include Installation
  • Prices include all rubbish removal & recycling
  • No Minimum Order size
  • We are fully insured
  • We Can Install at weekends
  • We never rush an installation
  • 3 Year Full After Sales Care & Support
  • 5 Year Product Warranty
  • Optional Free Lifetime Warranty
  • Transferable Warranties if you sell Your Property .


    An accurate survey is vital so we use lasers to measure, our manufacturers use CAD CAM for precision, and digital records are kept so repeatability is easy. The surface finish must be top notch too that's why we source from the best manufacturer we can find, those who invest in the latest coating technologies. Plantation shutter blinds are not the kind of product that would, should or will cause reliability problems, however you do need to be reassured that under the skin, that thin veneer of paint or stain, lying unseen is the best engineered product that there is out there, you get a robust, well crafted shutter that fits “like a glove” as far as it is possible so to do. These are the unseen value items.

We want to mention too that Shutter perfection is are an totally independent management owned company, you meet the owners. This means as we are not franchised we are free to source our shutters from those we know by experience are the best.


    So, do want to know much great value plantation shutters might cost? It's ever so simple, quick and easy to find out with our Estimator - just click on this link and we will get a price to you that for shutters might be surprisingly cheap, all you need is a tape measure..

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