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Plantation Shutter Materials

Shutters are made from several materials.
Each has benefits, limitations, possibilities cans do's and no can do’s. 

Here is our range and some typical prices for moderate sized installation.

Shutters in MDF

Seattle ≈ £241 Sq M

Seattle is the best selling shutter product worldwide: An ideal entry-level product offering the best in value for money. An engineered wood it offers the least expensive pleasure and joy of shutters. A dense core of MDF having a durable and smooth has a very robust UV stabilised polypropylene finish applied so it is highly durable resistant to chipping, cracking, fading and warping. Colour options can be seen below. Seattle cannot be had in any shapes nor more than bifolding (2 panels max), but that does include bays, bows and tracked. Louvre choices are 47mm, 64mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm, 76 being the most popular currently and there are many frame options. Incorporated blackout blinds are available.

Shutters with ABS Louvres

Georgia ≈ £277 Sq M

Georgia has a great finish but with its ultra stiff extruded ABS louvre give us a possibility of wider shutter panels, the ABS being much more stiff and with zero propensity to warp or twist as wood might. Like Seattle it is not available in multifold on hinges, only bifolding (2 panels max)
Georgia is a tough light product that's hardwearing, absolutely ideal for plantation shutter manufacturing. Large panels can be bifolding across 1220mm offering a great look for larger windows. See below for colours and some are direct F&B comparisons. Louvre sizes 47mm 64mm, 76mm 89mm and 114m. Shaped shutters with straight edges e.g. Triangles are now available in this product. Incorporated blackout blinds are not available.

Shutters Stained Hardwoods

Montana ≈ £320 SqM

Montana is chosen for certain applications and is mandated for shapes with curves. The Montana range is made from paulownia for stained colours. Painted colours will be made from hardwood. This is likely to be ayous or obeche but will always be made from a hardwood. Should you want. All solid panel swill have to be made in Montana
In addition to the colours below there are many stains for the full wood look. These are carefully chosen to highlight the natural oak looking finish of the wood.
Bifold and multifold are options as are tracked
Incorporated blackout blinds are available..

Shutters For Wide Applications

Boston ≈ £299 Sq M

Boston is a Hybrid product manufactured with a frame of dense strong MDF having a durable and smooth robust UV stabilised polypropylene skinned finish.
The Louvres, 47mm, 64mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm, are made from finger jointed basswood and painted, this product is available in wide panels that bifold or multifold. Incorporated blackout blinds are not available.

Wood Shutters  Painted In Any Colour

Hollywood ≈ £339 Sq M

Hollywood is waterproof but it’s for for indoor use only. This is an ABS Encapsulated Polyurethane cored shutter and as such is 100% water resistant, no wood anywhere. Designed for high humidity areas, aggressive environments such as swimming pools and wet rooms it is also so very durable & tough so it's the choice for high traffic zones. Colours as below, louvres are 47mm, 64mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm, straight frame shapes & sorry to say no shapes with curves nor blackout options.

FSC Woods in Shutters

Seattle Express
≈£329 SqM

Technically this is Seattle, however, in some circumstances time is tight and it's THE governing factor. Shutters take time to build to fit the window perfectly, they are bespoke in every way and are particularly unforgiving dimensionally - they are made to the millimetre.
To get them made to such tight tolerances we normally need around 8 weeks lead time to get the shutters built and ready to install.
Seattle Express offers this product in around 21 days from commissioning. Incorporated blackout blinds are available.


Luxaflex ≈ £350 SqM supplied on a 2 week delivery cycle


Delivery of two weeks for these PVC covered PU cored shutters is the normal.

The dense yet light core foam can be seen above.
These are ultra tough hard duty cycle products that are also 100% waterproof (indoor use only) that can be had with stainless hardware for wet-rooms and very humid bathrooms and indoor swimming pools. Warranty backs these claims up at Shutters will not fade, crack or chip so they’re guaranteed against that for 25 years

There are some limitations on colours - classic White, Pearl and Vanilla - louvres available are 64mm, 89mm and 114mm range. Styles are full height, tier on tier, cafe and tracked. They’re naturally flame retardant and easy clean. There are no shaped options available.