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Plantation Shutter Materials

Shutters are made from several materials, each has benefits, limitations, possibilities and cannots. 

Here is our range and some typical prices for moderate sized installation.

Shutters in MDF

Seattle From £241 SqM Inclusive

Seattle is the best selling shutter product worldwide: An ideal entry-level product offering the best in value for money. An engineered wood it offers the least expensive pleasure and joy of shutters. A dense core of MDF having a durable and smooth has a very robust UV stabilised polypropylene finish applied so it’s highly durable resistant to chipping, cracking, fading and warping. Colour options is limited to 5 whites and no shapes are available. Silk White is the favourite colour while louvre choices are 47mm, 64mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm, 76 being the most popular currently.

Shutters with ABS Louvres

Georgia From £277 SqM Inclusive

If chic colour is your thing then Georgia offers great choice at a budget price. It has a great finish too and more closely resembles the finish of a hardwood shutter than Seattle with its ultra stiff ABS louvres which give us a possibility of wider shutter panels.
Georgia is a tough light product that's hardwearing, absolutely ideal for plnatation shutter manufacturing. Large panels can be bifolding across 1220mm offering a great look for larger windows. There are 28 colours in the Georgia range some are direct F&B comparisons. Louvre sizes 47mm 64mm, 76mm 89mm and 114m. Shaped shutters are not available in this product.

Shutters Stained Hardwoods

Phoenix From £320 SqM Inclusive

Phoenix, is a very oak like wood in appearance. It is available as standard in 28 painted finishes with some of those being direct F&B comparators - and to take advantage of its looks there are some 15 stains for the full wood look carefully chosen to highlight the natural tendencies of the wood. Furthermore this material can be ordered to be finished in any colour you may select for an additional charge.

This is our preferred wood material for in our experience it is the best all round performer in a solid wood shutter. Colours: 21 standard or any, 21 stains

Shutters For Wide Applications

Boston From £299 SqM Inclusive

Boston is a Hibrid prodcut manufactured with a frame of dense strong MDF having a durable and smooth robust UV stabilised polypropylene skinned finish. The Louvres are made from finger jointed basswood and painted in one of six standard whites. It’ s more expensive than Georgia with less options so we normally go Georgia Colours 6 whites

Wood Shutters  Painted In Any Colour

Boston Premium From £326 SqM Inc

Basswood, which is used throughout Boston Premium is among the straightest of hardwoods with a fine uniform texture and indistinct grain. It can be sanded and painted to a smooth finish, and one of its most important characteristics is it is lightweight yet very strong. It isonly available in painted finishes. Basswood shutters are well suited to areas where extra durability is required either around the home or for commercial premises. This range can be made to your special shapes such as the eyebrow above. Paint finish only 28 standard colours plus any for a surcharge

FSC Woods in Shutters

Carolina From £355 SqM Inclusive

Carolina is an FSC fully approved sustainable hardwood known as white teak. This is one of of the finest quality timbers and in it’s natural state has high dimensional stability, and is harder than the other woods we offer. Being from a dedicated source of FSC timber its characteristics make it ideal for plantation shutter production. There are 29 Painted colours offered plus the custom colour option - we can paint against common paint swatches or scan your sample if unique. In available in addition there are 20 Stained finishes and all the louvre options 32mm, 47mm, 64mm, 64mm flat, 76mm, 89mm 89mm flat and 114mm Louvres Colours: 21 standard or any,  21 stains 

Totally waterproof Shutters

Hollywood From £339 SqM Inclusive

Hollywood is waterproof but  it’s for for indoor use only. This is an ABS Encapsulated Polyurethane cored shutter and as such is 100% water resistant, no wood anywhere. Designed for high humidity areas, aggressive environments such as swimming pools and wet rooms and is also so tough it's a choice for high traffic zones. 6 whites only and louvres are 47mm, 64mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm, straight frame shapes & some shapes with curves.

Shuttes installed in 3 weeks

Seattle Express From £329 SqM Inc

Technically this is Seattle, however in some circumstances time is tight, it's THE governing factor. Shutters take time to build to fit the window perfectly, they are bespoke in every way and are particularly unforgiving dimensionally - they are made to the millimetre.
To get them made to such tight tolerances we normally need around 8 weeks lead time to get the shutters built and ready to install.
Seattle Express offers this product in around 21 days from commissioning.

Velus & Fakro With Shutters

Skylight From £335 SqM Inclusive

Easy DIY fit shutters for Velux and Fakro roof light range.  Simply give us the part number its to be fitted to and we’ll get right back to you. 10 minute to fit - if it’s a noc can do by you we can no doubt assist.