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Plantation Shutters - Answering Some Of The Questions

Shutters With Quality Built In 

Quality is the goal; all Shutter Perfection & The John Lewis Partnership's shutters are obtained from the self same factory. We demand the best and most up to date construction techniques and systems in the subcontracting factories. We insist on the use of latest adhesives, surface finishes and manufacturing practices; these are blended with methods that have been tried and tested over decades go to make sure your investment in plantation shutters will prove to be sound one. All our shutters are made to be above average, minimum of exceptional is the goal. When we survey we will show you a standard panel, you will see and feel it to be of an outstanding quality. Further these Plantation Shutters are assembled from renewable timbers and backed by a minimum 3 year written guarantee which is extendable to lifetime at no cost. That's how confident we are about our quality.

Installation of Your Plantation Shutters 

    •    We do this at a time and date to suit you, including weekends or evenings.

    •    We have completed many, many installs and have real expertise and experience with all forms, shapes and types of Plantation Shutters

    •    We use the best tools and equipment we can get.

    •    We always fit your Plantation Shutters wearing slippers and clean clothing.

    •    We never rush, we never have a more pressing appointment made, the day(s) for fitting is 100% yours; until it's done.

    •    We always have our trusty vacuum with us.

    •    We take our packaging with us when we go. All you get left with are the Plantation Shutters and the new look.

Plantation Shutters and DIY? 

We cannot recommend DIY, however, if you are skilled with tools, say a carpenter, we would be prepared to supply only BUT there are significant limitations, This is not a distance selling product as the skills to survey and install may seem trivial but every single install we have ever done throws up common or one off problems that trade experience may be required to overcome. Here areour conditions for this form of sale

    •    100% prepaid and non refundable payment.

    •    No warranty save on materials and build for 1 year, any defect by faulty install or out of box damage save transit is not covered.

    •    Warranty claims will be subject to a chargeable site visit.

    •    No After sales support whatsoever not by phone, fax, email photographs, pdf's et al. However, we will issue a pre install guide, to help you make a better consideration.

    •    No returns.

    •    No survey.

    •    No in depth advice or detailed product support.

Eco impacts of Plantation Shutters 

Wood is a great product, stiffer than steel. lighter than titanium and all in all better looking in a home. To some degree it is a finite resource, so Shutter Perfection are fully aware of the importance of having Plantation Shutters which are made with the right level of eco awareness. Once consideration is of course the long life of the in situ product, there is no reason why a life expectancy should not be 20 or more years, that in itself make the "dust to dust" analysis even better. We can guarantee ALL our timber products are made from renewed plantation wood, grown specifically for harvesting for production and this is done with proper regard for the environment.

Ethical Selling of Plantation Shutters 

    •    Shutter Perfection don't have any pushy salesmen.

    •    Shutter Perfection never ask for the order, rather we wait for your decision to buy.

    •    Shutter Perfection's sales men never ask what your budget is and price to it.

    •    Shutter Perfection never enter Dutch auctions.

    •    Shutter Perfection personal never sit down unless asked.

    •    Shutter Perfection people never outstay our welcome

    •    Shutter Perfection never take an order on our survey visit, we never crowd you, we never offer silly discounts if you "sign now"

Shutter Perfection try to resist giving you a price there and then. We go away, consider what you need, we work out the fine details. Only do then we propose an offer in writing, that would be the lowest cost offer. We then await you decision without hassle over the top follow ups, calls offering price reductions etc.

Do More Windows Mean Better Prices? 

Of course, but to a point. If you'd like a whole house of shutters we consider that at our proposal time. But it's unusual

You don't want to do it all at once?

You can't afford it all at once?

There's work to be done before completion of the home? 


We find that once clients come into daily contact with Plantation Shutters and the effects they have, they consider ones for additional windows. Remember we have returning client discounts so we reward loyalty up front. And if you move home that goes with you. Shutters are all we do really so you will find our friendly, personable approach to window dressing somewhat refreshing and of course you are dealing with the company management at all stages. One job one point of contract


What Are The Price Variables Of Plantation Shutter Prices? 

Exact costings are governed by a number of factors:

    •    MDF or wood?

    •    The wood chosen, the finish required (matt for instance)

    •    Traditional or Secret Tilt Rods

    •    The squareness of windows, (takes time to make the job perfect)

    •    Bay or Bows take extra time to fix too

    •    The ease of installation, tracks take longer than a simple rectangular one in a bathroom

    •    Colours

    •    Shapes: curves cost more as they have to be templated and hand finished, shapes with straight lines moderately more expensive and can be had in lower cost materials

Is There A Minimum Order Charge. 

    •    Some major nationals, we understand, have a £400 minimum charge. Shutter Perfection do not

    •    No Fee Plantation Shutter Surveys

    •    Some outlets (John Lewis Partnership) may charge for a survey depending on where you are. Shutter Perfection do not

    •    No Obligation Plantation Shutter Surveys.

    •    Nothing we can add to that, it's free, it carries no obligation, we do it with no hassle

    •    We arrange it to suit you and that means weekends or evenings too.

    •    Sometimes you may be outside our area of economic activity, bit we have colleagues who we can recommend who use the same business practices.


Repeat or returning client discounts, recommendation rewards & discounts for all parties 

We reward loyalty and recommendations. Should you return for more plantation shutters, and we find most do, these will be discounted, and that includes moving house. Should you recommend a friend that firmed will get the same discount as you might as a returning client. Further should you colleague order we will reward you in a meaningful and proportional manner


Plantation Shutter Tilt Rods 

Traditional "stick" in the centre or offset to the side

Alternative? Secret & Invisible this is a price increase Option


Wood & uPVC Window Frames 

Neither material is particularly problematical. On simple flat windows we sometimes side fix into the reveal of the recess, in bows and bays fixing to the UPVC frame is sometimes needed and should not be a problem if it occurs. With modern UPVC window handles and window furniture usually protrude 35 or so millimetres from the frame; with large louvres this will make for a deeper shutter frame to assure clearance, and in extreme cases a "build out" may be required. The bigger the louvre the more a problem.

If you have wide UPVC glazing framework it is best considered to have coincidental frames with the shutters - all very doable, talk it over at the survey.

We have down thousands of surveys and photographed all the reasonable options and when we turn up for your survey we will let you browse these on the iPad or you can see them here in our galleries.


Cleaning Plantation Shutters 

You can use the proverbial damp sponge or soft cloth to clean all interior wooden, plastic or mdf shutters without harming the satin finish. Unlike Venetians they don't flex there are far less slats and overall they are easy to clean.

MDF or Wood Shutters? 

The most popular products are made from MDF. The company owner has MDF shutters and in the main believes whole heartedly that in most circumstances this is by far the best material for Plantation Shutters The range does contain both pure synthetic (waterproof) materials and hybrid. We make hybrid Plantation Shutters from comprising the best in MDF frames & finger jointed basswood wood louvres - finished in whites, these offer a budget option for large span as 3 panels can be hung from one hinge

Which brings us to

Plantation Shutter Woods. 

Light strong hardwoods fashioned into Plantation Shutters are available, featuring Powolania (oak like - we call it Phoenix), Carolina - an eco white teak plantation wood and basswoods they offer colours and stains of many hues. They can be fashioned into Shaped Shutters

Plantation Shutters In Waterproof Materials

We've got waterproof Plantation Shutters too for the extreme humidity, bathrooms or wet room but we don't do outdoor products Details of this product "permawood" is here.


We would never sell Plantation Shutters with security as a given or implied. However, Plantation Shutters could help to improve the security of your home. When they are closed across a window they make it difficult to peer in; if the louvres are closed it's impossible for people to see into your home. Back this up with inexpensive random light switching devices and maybe the radio playing and no one could ever assess if you are in or out. Thus Plantation Shutters provide a subjective barrier against entry. However, this is not robust, and would not withstand a concerted effort to smash through them. From the inside we can add bolts and catches to defeat small children trying to escape from the third floor by jumping out of the window!

Which Louvres to Select in My Interior Shutters? 

Louvres are Aero foil shaped, your choice will not have an impact on the cost of the shutters if no build outs are required behind the frame.

    •    Not all widths are available in all products, but the range is 32mm, 47mm, 60mm (flat) 64mm, 76mm 84mm (flat) 89mm, 114mm

    •    Al products offer 47mm,64mm 76mm & 89mm

    •    Bigger = more light, smaller = more privacy.

    •    Most common currently is 76mm, second most common 89, 64mm then 47, and very very few 114.

    •    Bigger the window, the bigger the louvre to keep everything in scale.

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