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Ethical Selling, our principles

Shutter perfection’s business philosophy is aimed at being totally ethical, it is based on delivering best value, highest quality, a commitment to the client and of course we have a desire to impart the perfect service and make a perfect installation.
As such Shutter Perfection have a total disdain for high pressure selling.
We may appear blasé but in a cynical world that might be expected

Beware methods that do not have your best interests at heart.
Keep a weather eye out for salesmen that press for an order.
Those very high prices once rejected can get "negotiated" downwards to sensible levels, so you feel you have a sort of victory,
Watch for over eagerness to get you to commit, we would advise against signing anything, deposits that are at risk (see our guarantees in the payments page) and so on and so forth
So when we visit your home rest assured

• We will not take control.
• We will not drive your decisions, rather aim to guide them.
• We aim to build genuine engagement rapport and trust.
• We will not let the product dominate the conversation rather your needs, desires and unique circumstances.
• We are never, ever disrespectful, rude, or offensive.
• Even if you demonstrate the very highest level of interest we will not take any advantage of of that. We will leave it for 24 hours before we reconfirm with you that you want us to supply and fit your shutters.
• We will not ask for any order or commitment without this 24 hour break.
• We are never over assertive or aggressive, we are just self assured.

A great deal of our business is either recommendation or repeat work with existing clients, we would hope that once you have bought from us you will never have buyers remorse, nor any reason to feel you have not had the very best product from a supplier who's aim is to be above reproach.

We never ever over promise and under deliver
We our take time to
◦ illuminate.
◦ inform.
◦ educate.
◦ advise on the best options.

We survey using
◦ Laser Measures from Leica
◦ High precision Swiss measuring rods
◦ German direct reading tapes
◦ The best spirit levels
◦ Digital angle finders

We back this up with extensive photographic detail for review
◦ We have the shutters built by the world's number one factory
◦ We make sure they are packaged so as not to sustain any damage in transit
◦ We inspect each and every item closely prior to installation

We install.
◦ with skill .
◦ with experience.
◦ with care.
◦ with joy from your reaction to your new shutters
◦ We trim the job out, with finesse, if this is complex or difficult we may charge - depends on your windows and walls.
◦ We always clean up after ourselves remove all rubbish.

We dedicate you a personal project manager.
◦ He /she mentors you from first contact,
◦ through the sales details,
◦ the survey,
◦ the specifications,
◦ the factory order,
◦ your installation and your after sales care.

You will have his / her number and email; he / she will always be there to listen, advise and update you.
◦ We frequently have a follow up visit some time later to ensure everything is at least 100% satisfactory.
◦ We want you to be able recommend us to a friend with absolute confidence.
◦ We never forget you, we are always contactable.