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Plantation Shutters - Ticking All The Boxes 

Plantation Shutter Blinds Solve So many Window Dressing & Room Design Challenges & Bring You Many Benefits

Interior Plantation Window Shutters will:

    •    Bring Great Privacy

    •    Keep You Cooler In Summer. No Sun Strike

    •    Keep You Warmer Adding Another Layer Of Insulation

    •    Present No Strangulation Hazards From Cords

    •    Enhance The Window Unlike Curtains That Hide It

    •    Enhance Shaped Windows When Are Dressed To Perfection

    •    Stop Ultra Violet Fading Damage, For Good.

    •    Release All The Room, No Curtains Required.

    •    Control The Light With Absolute Precision.

    •    Block Very Little Light Less Than Most Drawn Drapes

    •    Keep Your View Intact With Minimum Impact.

    •    Look Great From Inside And Out

    •    Can now be installed within a month


Plantation Shutters May Well Surprise You They:

    •    Can Have Blackouts Blinds Incorporated

    •    Will Cost You Less Than You Might Think.

    •    Can Be Had In Many Colours.

    •    Could Be Solid Wood Stained Or Painted

    •    Can Be Solid, Half Solid Or fully Louvered

    •    Can Be Waterproof for Wet Rooms.

    •    Can Usually Be Made In A Style To Suit Your Needs.


Now all you have to do is click here to request a free, no obligation survey & let's take it from there

Excellence is a compromise: so seek perfection

Shutter Perfection In Cheshire

Ticking All The Boxes 

    Shutter Perfection is a dedicated plantation shutter supply and installation company, installing to this form of window dressing for almost a decade. With thousands of shutters already installed by ourselves there are very few situation and scenarios we have not seen, solved and worked on before. Shutter Perfection offer you the complete plantation shutter solution to discerning clients in Cheshire and its surroundings

    Shutter Perfection's expertise is freely available to you. When we survey your windows we will walk you through the complexity of shutters, informing you as impartially as we are able and guide your decision making procedure as best we can.

    Our objective is simple: to ensure you get the most suitable options, the best shutters to suit your needs and fulfil your goals and these at the lowest possible cost price.

    Our processes are client orientated: we consult at length, we confer as required, we agree as to the plan, we go away and cut wood, we return to install and through all this we really do care. We have a strong set of ethics about our selling process


    •    Experience Shows We Offer The Best Shutter Prices in         Cheshire.

    •    We Specify Your Project At The Lowest Possible Price.

    •    Our Surveys Are Free And Totally Without Obligation .

    •    Surveys For Plantation Shutters are Undertaken At A         Time To Suit You Including Weekends.

    •    We Install What We Consider Are The Ultimate In         Shutters.

    •    Every Shutter Installation Is 100% Bespoke To Your         Needs.

    •    You Deal Face To Face With Decision Makers.

    •    Shutters Supplied In All Shapes Styles, Sizes Colours &         Materials

    •    Not A Franchise So We Source The Best Shutters For         You.

    •    All Surveys Are Laser Measured For Precision,

    •    We Take Our Time. We Get It Right

    •    All Installed With Care & Skilfully Fitted

    •    We Take Our Time We Take Extreme care


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In short Shutter Perfection's objective is the client’s total satisfaction. Our expertise is offered with no strings attached, we give free advice and our consultation service is always available, we would like you to make use of it.

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