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Carolina Shutters: An Overview

Carolina is an FSC fully approved harvested and this sustainable hardwood known as white teak. This is one of of the finest quality timbers and in it’s natural state is of a beautiful silvery colour showing tight grains and high dimensional stability, these characteristics making it an ideal wood for plantation shutter production. There are 29 Painted colours offered plus the custom colour option - we can paint against common paint swatches or scan your sample if unique. In available in addition there are 20 Stained finishes and all the louvre options 32mm, 47mm, 64mm, 64mm flat, 76mm, 89mm 89mm flat and 114mm Louvres

Carolina is our name for hardwood known as White Teak it is a premium and clean straight-grained wood that is uniform in colour and chosen for its stability and proven resistance to warping. It has the widest range of options and styles, shapes and frames. Light and strong it offers the largest panels and these can be hung in fours without tracking. In the painted product the Louvres are white teak, other parts are premium hardwood, this is done to mitigate the ever rising costs of these materials.


The Carolina range is manufactured from White Teak grown on the island of Kolombangara in the Solomon Islands which nurtures several protected forest as well as a plantation area of 14,330 hectares planted with mixed indigenous and exotic commercial wood species. This plantation has held FSC certification since 1998.

This is soon to be the benchmark eco wood that all others are compared to; it is the natural choice and provides a great look. White Teak can be summarised as 

• Having the most consistent colour among these hardwoods with a very tight and uniform grain.

• Carolina is one of the hardest of the workable, furniture-grade woods.

• While Carolina is naturally low in sap content, our multi cycle kiln-dried material has less moisture upon installation than any other we know of.

• Carolina shutters are recyclable and biodegradable.

• This tough wood offer ease of maintenance and care.

• Carolina has brings insulation from heat and cold.

Carolina, in common with all our products, is painted with UV inhibiting surface finishes, guaranteeing UV protection. 

Choose paint or stain, both available in gloss, smooth matt or sandblast finishes.

Custom colour matches are available. 

Available in all shapes & sizes sunbursts, arches, french doors, folding & sliding doors, and other specialty shapes.


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