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Café Style Plantation Shutters

Here’s a sample of some of our installations with cafe style shutters

small square bay with cafe shutters
cafe shutters in a kitchen
bay window with cafe shutters
bay window with cafe shutters
bathroom with cafe shutters
Cafe shutters from outside the home
Another aby with cafe shutters
bathroom with cafe shutters

Plantation Shutters in The Café Style 

Cafe Style shutters only cover the lower portion of the window, usually they have no frame across the top part, though some people do ask for that or with some installation difficulties a 4 sided frame is mandated - those are known as pygmy shutters.
Normally the shutter frame is a little like an upside down goal post. Some two sided frames are used when the window sill is used as the lower support for the cafe shutter
Cafe Shutters are mostly found in a simple rectangular format but can be made to suit bay or bow windows. Cafe Shutters vary in height, from covering 30% of the window height up to 80% On tall windows it is possible to split the tilt rods into two giving a faux tier on tier look for variable levels of privacy.

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