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Plantation Shutters With Blackouts

Get the best possible nights sleep with Plantation Shutters Fitted with integral Blackout Blinds

    Plantation shutters are now available with built in blackout blinds. A neat solution of you want a really dark room or if you are a light sleeper and you want the good looks of plantation shutters.

They are only available for shutters that are not shaped (or waterproof) and we have installed all forms of bay windows, 90° 135°, those with special angle posts and bow (or multi faceted) windows and they work very well indeed. One client describes them as “stumbling about the bedroom dark:

    The black out blind is an integral part of the plantation shutter assembly, is very compact and discrete. the blind is easy to deploy and retract and the blind is available in several colours

    The shutter frames have with concertina type blackout blinds fitted within the special frame, unfortunately they are not retro fit able. These blackout shutters look clean and neat with very little light getting through helping light sensitive sleepers get that all important rest.

    The blind itself is a concertina style, mirror coated internally to make them light proof. They are fitted to the top of the frame and Shutter Perfection can add additional light trapping tracks for the blind to run in (not factory supplied - it's on of our tune up tricks) along the edges to really minimise light leakage.

Several tasteful colours of blind are available and the cordage is of the safety type thus not endangering young children with strangulation..

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