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Gallery Of Shutters In Bay Windows

Bay Windows, What a Boon,

    They Look Even Better With Plantation Shutters

Bays like Bow windows are a boon in any room, making for more space and light so maximise their utility and beautify a the same time by dressing the window with shutters. Matters not if they’re square 90°,  Traditional 135° or some bespoke angles, twin sided or single one kick or two - we can make your window “look the business” with Plantation Shutters.


A one piece frame is the ideal and to date we have not failed to make one for bays without big intervening mullions.


Plantation Shutters in BAY windows work ever so well.

    •They enhance the multi facet format of the window inside & out.

    •Window Shutters release all the room, no drapes covering part         after dark rooms get bigger, space is apparent.

    •You no longer need those cumbersome and costly bent pole             assemblies.

    •They control the light with precision and stop soft furnishing sun         fade.

    •They are great looking from inside or out, make yourself proud of         the property, great kerb appeal.

    •They are not as expensive as you might think. Prices here

    •They are available with many options, colours woods and styles


Get in touch and we will surprise you with the affordability or ask for an estimation here - no obligation whatsoever. It's easy for you to measure -just give us the panel sizes

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