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Shutters In Bay Windows

Large Tall 3 Piece bay with shutters
Shutters in a wide double angle bay
Shutters in bedroom bay
Square bay with shutters
Bay window Shutters
Bow Window with shutters and matching one to side
Ulltra wide bay with shuttters
Shutters in Lounge with 3 piece bay

Plantation Shutters in Bay Windows 

Bay windows and their close cousin bow windows and space and grace to many homes. Great to look at, great to look out of they are a long term staple of UK architecture, from modern house to Georgian limestone buildings in Cheltenham and Bath they are very much part of the scenery of Britain.
The are however very problematical to live with, more expressly dressing bays and bows can be an unrewarding nightmare. Curtain poles with beds are expensive and so are drapes, or you could use a series of venetian blinds one in each segment but that doesn’t look as good as you might think. An option is a straight pole - but that denies the room into a big chunk of area when drawn.
Here comes the cavalry, plantation shutter are de rigueur for bays of all types, chic modern and illuminating the make the room larger, the give you privacy control, the keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer, they don’t flap when you open a window for ventilation. They’re easy clean and maintenance free, all in all they’re the business and they’re a lot less expensive than you might think.