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Why Choose Plantation Shutters As Your Window Dressing

Shutters Offer Superb & Precise Light Control

With the infinitely adjustable louvres and blackout options you can go from total darkness to full light in a moment and with a flick of the wrist with Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters Keep You Warm Or Cool

Offering a barrier of a fairly still air pocket Plantation Shutters greatly decrease the rate of heat loss (or gain if closed against the sun) Saving costly energy.

Shutters Will Preserve Your Soft Furnishings

Sun bleaches almost everthng it strikes, especially soft furnishings, wooden floors, carpets and curtains. Now that’s mitigated with the adjustable louvres in Shutters reducing sun strike to zero without impeding your view

Maximise Space With Shutters

A room with shutters suddenly expands, most clients report a huge new added seeming of spaciousness with this form of window dressings - might be the light or the disappeared curtains

External Noise Reduced With Shutters

Some clients report that this layer of still air and wood insulates from noise and exterior hum

Shutters Bring Privacy With Flexibility

Privacy can be a huge issue if you do not have it. Shutters bring flexible levels

Low / No Maintenance Shutters Offer Long Life

There’s little to do to maintain the beauty of Plantation Shutters simply keep dust free, simplicity itself. Our installations have been trouble free for a decade and we can see no reason why that should change in the futu

Shutters Have Kerbside Wow Factor

Shutters bring an extra dimension for those seeing your home from the outside, Real Kerb Appeal that’s just not possible with any other form of window dressing.

Why Select Shutter Perfection As Your Shutter Supplier

We Are Experienced With Shutters

Shutter Perfection are not recent arrivals in this area of the home improvement market, over a decade of coal face experience and know how works to your benefit.

We Are A Caring Shutter Suppliers

To survive and thrive in todays market place you have to care about what you do, how you do it. We do, we do and we do. We care about your house, using vacuums, slippers and flooring protection if required.

We Are Competitive Shutter Installers

Shutter Perfection is a small business, with owner management and no real desire to be big and brash company. Low overheads make for lower prices for the client. We lead and inform rather than instruct toward a more profitable outcome, we work in your interests.

We Offer A Comprehensive Range Of Shutters

Our product range is restricted to Plantation Shutters, but within that genre we offer the most comprehensive range of products we can source covering almost every conceivable installation, and we go the extra mile if we have to to source the unusual and the non standard.

We Get It Right

A shutter is only as good as the survey and the recommendations we place before you. We measure with lasers, Swiss measuring rods & special top reading tapes. Our briefing is comprehensive and very inclusive of all options and our experiences,so you make the brsy choices for your home.

We Don’t Control You, We guide You

As the client you always have control over the project, you meet the person responsible for the work from inception to completion. You can call text or email at any point, it i more than likely the project manager will be there at installation time too.

We Give Freely Of Our Time

We conduct surveys, installations and meetings (if required) at times and dates to suit your diary. We aim to be on time each time too. We take our time presenting the product - there is a lot to impart

We Are Trusted, We Are Insured

We are please to say half our business comes from referral and repeat business. A review of our 100% genuine testimonials reflect the esteem we enjoy from our clients.